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Dog Training Equipment

In order to train your dog properly you need to have the right dog training equipment to match up with the breed of dog you have. There are many types of collars for instance, choke collars should never be used on long haired dogs as when they balk it will pull the hair when the chain tightens causing much unneeded discomfort to your pet.

Buying the right equipment for your type of dog is vital for you and your dog as it depends on the size and what you are training him or her for. Every dog is different and you need to figure out your dogs temperament and size in choosing training equipment. A huge help in this is to enrol your dog and you in a dog obedience class, there you can learn exactly what you need so you won’t spend endless money on equipment you do not need.
The first thing you will need is a collar and a leash so when you take him walking you have full control. Depending on your dogs size, large dogs may need a good collar while a small dog may only need a good leather or nylon dog harness which is a very humane way to control and walk your pet. Do not use a leash to stake your dog in the back yard ( if you have to do this ) get a light chain so they can’t chew through it and make it long enough so they can get some exercise and go from sun to shade.

Depending on how far you might want to go with the training a good obedience tool is to train him with jump sticks or light plastic hurdles. Training your dog in a small obstacle course can turn out to be a fun game for both you and your dog. The best training tool of all is the TREAT given to him when he performs for you and does well. There are many treats you can find in the pet or grocery stores just find his favourite and you will both be buddies for life.

Many pet stores have all kinds of dog training equipment or if you cannot find what you are looking for or at the right price try the internet. Do your homework when buying for your pet and get what you and your pet need and not what you want as that can cost a lot of unnecessary money.

I would also consider dog booties if you often walk on very hot pavement or cement or if you live in a colder climate and take your daily walks on the frozen ice or snow, especially for the little breeds.

If you have the proper dog training equipment you will find that the training is more enjoyable for you and your pet and that both of you will be looking forward to each session more and more.